Why Use a Drone

It’s no secret, Drones and UAVs are becoming increasingly popular. The benefits and versatility are unparalleled, especially their ability to get detailed footage and data from hard to reach areas. By using drones, we can deploy quickly, and deliver results quickly.

Drone Inspector are able to complete a Domestic Roof survey in between 20 – 45 minutes, depending on the size of the property. Within 24 hours we return the footage fully annotated. Typically, you would have to piece together still images from awkward angles to try and figure out what area’s need addressing. With a drone, there is no need to piece together.

For all our visual inspections, you will receive either a 2.7k or 4k quality video inspection, giving you plenty of detail to analyse and interpret issues and fixes required.

  • Quicker and safer than using ladders / cherry pickers
  • Cheaper than hiring industrial equipment
  • Less disruptive to residents, tenants or staff

Why use Drone Inspector?

If using a drone for your aerial inspection needs sounds so good, why not buy one yourself? Drone Inspector have been through months of training to safely complete missions in complex urban environments. Safety is paramount with all aerial work.

Drone Inspector are fully qualified and insured to carry out works on domestic, commercial and industrial sites. With permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority and insurance details we can produce as required.