Roof Inspection

A detailed roof inspection from Drone Inspector provides detailed imaging and data for domestic, commercial and industrial inspections of roofs.

Where as traditional roof inspection methods rely on heavy machinery, such as a cherry picker and trained staff working at heights, we have eliminated the health and safety risk and improved the data available from our aerial drone inspections.

With a Drone Inspector Roof inspection (whether it’s Domestic, Commercial or Industrial), you will receive:

  • 2.7k or 4k Video from roof flyover (dependant on environmental conditions)
  • Static images of problem areas
  • Geotagged photos to understand the exact position of photos
  • Photos presented to clearly represent the angle the photo was taken at
  • Annotated video to highlight areas of concern
  • For Industrial and commercial, organisation of inspection documents by system (HVAC etc)
  • 24 hour turnaround on inspection reports
  • Live feed on the ground of drone footage

Our comprehensive reports provide accuracy and detail where it matters, with quick turnarounds, and emergency call out available. We’re able to deploy and report with far more detail than traditional methods. Savings of up to 80% compared to scaffolding, and plenty of saving compared to using lifting equipment, as well as more detailed report data and images/video.

Traditional Roof Inspection (Cherry Picker hire)Drone Inspector: Roof Inspection
Cost of equipment hire: £225 to £485*Cost of equipment: Nil
Cost of Staff: £25 to £47.50 per hour*Cost of Service:
up to £300 per day (large domestic or medium commercial)
up to £550 per day (large industrial unit)
Limited to static positions where the lifting equipment can be positionedFull access to all aspects of the roof and its systems & components
Facilities Managers & technical crew have to be on the picker to view the roofLive stream to a ground based monitor, for HD viewing of the drone footage
Data and images have to be allocated to systems and parts of the roof manuallyGeoreferenced photos and videos allow immediate recognition of the photo in real space
Disruption to roads, staff, neighbours and environment.Using the right drone for the right situation, we minimise noise, staff disruption and environmental disruption
*Costings from Checkatrade: How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Cherry Picker in 2021?| Checkatrade

Optional Survey Add-on

If you’re a roofing contractor or need extensive roofing repairs and replacements to your roof, we can also produce a survey, which will detail:

  • Centimetre accurate measurements of length and areas
  • Calculations of pitch, run and angles
  • Calculations of amount of materials required

All of this while keeping your staff firmly on the ground, Drone roof surveys for contractors can save time, safety and increase efficiency by improving the accuracy of your material cost. These surveys work for both flat and pitched roofs, accounting for peaks, valleys, runs, and other technical aspects.