Owning a home is great, but comes with responsibility. Whether you have a new build or a period property, packed with character, roof can develop faults, most of the time without warning. This hard to reach part of your house is an important system in keeping you warm, dry and most importantly, safe.

Why get a roof inspection

Roof safety and maintenance is an important part of home ownership, but seldom is on the top of owners priorities. A leaking roof, or damaged roof can develop further problems inside the house. Like most things, these repairs often get more expensive.

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to have your roof inspected before the weather declines into the winter months or after storms to assess any damage.

If you’re planning an extension, conservatory, dormer or roof replacement, it’s a good idea to know what you’re working with. By using Drone Inspector to have a detailed look at the current condition of your roof.

Drone Inspector can provide a quick solution to the birds eye view of your roof. By using our small, lightweight drones, we can quickly produce high resolution photos and videos with annotations to show you any areas of concern

Flat Roofs

Most insurers (somewhere in the terms and conditions) require you to have a roof inspection every 12 months. This may seem overcautious, but as anyone in property management can tell you, it’s easy for standing water on a flat roof to develop to a further problem very quickly.

By keeping on top of your flat roof inspections, you can alleviate the risk of flat roof issues by inspecting your flat roof every 12 months. Drone Inspector can do this quickly and easily without using ladders.

Why use drones for roof inspection?

There are plenty of reasons to use a drone for your roof inspection at home.

There is no doubt that ladders aren’t the safest way to get a view of the roof. The DIY approach is rarely the best when it comes to roof inspection

Our domestic roof inspections generally cost around £200 (depending on size and complexity). Far cheaper than scaffolding contractors, cherry pickers etc

We will generally be at your house for a few hours, with the drone in the air for 20 – 40 minutes. Then we’re back to the office to produce the videos and photos for you. All this takes 1 working day.

We’re fully insured and fully qualified, registered with the CAA. We’re also experienced in construction, buildings and facilities.

Drone Inspector Domestic Roof Inspections

Drones provide a unique opportunity to view your home from a top down view. Using this technology, software and photography techniques, we can provide a detailed Roof Inspection within 24 hours.

When you book a roof inspection with Drone Inspector, you recieve:

  • A high resolution 2D roof photo: We stitch together multiple photos to create a super high resolution photo of your roof. This helps identify exactly where on the roof there are issues that need rectifying
  • Annotated fly over: We’ll fly around your roof, produce a 2.7k or 4k video of the fly over, and provide annotations of any issues that we notice
  • Digital Delivery: Once we’ve completed the video editing, we will email you a link to download your roof inspection. This is a private password protected link

Full Roof Survey

If you’re planning to renovated your roof, we are able to provide a full survey. Working with your contractors and project managers, the full roof survey will provide:

  • Measurements: Pitch, Rise, Run, Roof span, angle & slope
  • Calculate material requirement

All this without ladders, we are improving personal safety and reducing material cost.