Providing a full photography and videography service both from the sky and inside the property, we can really bring a unique perspective to potential buyers for higher value properties.

If you’re selling a detached property with plenty of land, it makes sense to show this off in all of its glory. A birds eye view of an estate can really show off the full potential of a property. At Drone Inspector we’re passionate about property and creativity, so we’re well placed to create property marketing videos and photos that really sell the best features of a property.

When to use Aerial Photo & Video for Property Marketing?

Luxury aerial shots and video won’t suit every property, and we want to put your portfolio in the best possible frame to be sold as quickly as possible. As an extension of your sales team, we aim to create a story that sells a property and show’s it’s best assets as concisely and beautifully as possible.

We always suggest that a high value property, detached with plenty of outdoor space can benefit from aerial photography, to allow buyers to fully appreciate the scope of an estate. People are always amazed at how much bigger a space looks when you view it from a certain height!

Why Use Drone Inspector?

  • Risk Free: You don’t pay a penny for your first project if you’re not happy with the results. We also have two invoicing methods. Pay to Fly, where you pay upfront to book the flight and media creation, or Pay on Completion* where you can choose to pay a slightly larger amount when the sale of the property completes and you know the commission is coming in!
  • Sales Experience: Our Creative team have had extensive sales training so know how important it is to create a story that sells.
  • Property Experience: Having worked in Property Management, and being members of the IWFM, we have a sound knowledge when it comes to property.
  • Ability & Creativity: With extensive training on Media Production, our creative team can create expressive and effective media that really knows how to sell
  • Music: We have a professional composer on board creating us licensed tracks, meaning you won’t have to worry about licensing production music or stock music. You’ll have bespoke music for your brand that suits the property.
  • Flexibility: If you feel your videos benefit from a guided tour voiceover, we can create this with you. Either record the voiceover from the office on your phone, or arrange for us to record the audio with you.
  • Turnaround: From the time of the flight, we aim to get you a fully completed property marketing video within 24 hours
  • Your Brand: Choose to include your brand on the video, we’ll never watermark a marketing videos with our brand
  • Your Content: Once completed, the Intellectual Property is yours to use as you please. Use our still photos for printed brochures, online or social media. It’s your content to do as you please with.
  • Optimised Media: Let us know where you want the property marketing video to be released, and we’ll optimise different versions that are best suited to Facebook, Instagram, RightMove etc.
  • One-stop-shop: We can create property marketing videos and photos both using our drone technology for aerial shots and create warm, detailed interior shots.

*Pay on Completion may require a credit check. Pay on Completion rates will vary depending on the value of the property. Once quoted on enquiry, the price will not change.

More than just pretty pictures…

Drones and Aerial technology has come along way. Gone are the days of being limited to roof inspections and marketing material. We can now inexpensively offer a photogrammetric 3D model of properties too. What a unique way to market a property, whilst keeping a buyers interest in a property when waiting for the sale to complete?!

A 3D model allows a buyer to be interactive with the estate. In our arsenal of drones, we have the equipment to build a fully interactive, photorealistic 3D Model of a property. Your buyers don’t need any fancy software to view and use it, just provide them a link to view in a web browser, and the model can be viewed easily.

What better way to keep buyers interested during the sales process when commissions are on the line! Give them the chance to realise visualise the estate in all of its glory.

Get in touch now to see how Drone Inspector can help you create enticing property marketing content for your luxury property sales portfolio.